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Globe & Mail Essay: I Dreaded Taking Students On A Travel Study to Africa

I’m a teacher’s teacher. That is, I teach teachers-in-training at a local university. I do this for a living and have for many years.

This summer, right after the term’s final exams, I travelled with 10 of our education students to Cameroon for two weeks. The students worked in a local school each day, and I led the evening classes for the required course: social issues in education.

I suppose such travel studies are now popular in many universities across Canada. They didn’t exist when I was a student. Any course, be it geography, political science, literature or music, can be arranged to fit almost any exotic location.

Our university offers numerous travel studies every summer and they are quite popular – with students. Not with professors. Why would a professor give up time in the summer to be with students 24/7 for weeks? The very thought is outrageous for most of us.


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