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Article: Men have to say #IDidThatToo to workplace sexual harassment

With the exception of the Harvey Weinsteins and Matt Lauers of the world, why is it that men who have been accused of being involved in workplace sexual harassment go largely unpunished? They’ve been pretty silent and that’s rather interesting.

I think it’s time we shifted the focus from the brave women who have come forward to the cowardly men who have done the damage. Why is it we don’t see more men coming out with remorseful admissions before the allegations begin? I imagine they would rather get away with it than face their responsibilities. If the woman doesn’t come forward, it can be brushed under the carpet, they must think.

But this is neither good nor moral. If we are to solve the problem – and this is a problem – both the victims and perpetrators need to understand the fullness of such behaviour. Women have kept silent about workplace harassment for centuries because they don’t want to cause a fuss, don’t feel they’ll be believed, think they’ll be socially stigmatised for outing a powerful man, or a combination of the three.

But women are speaking up in this new season of gender relations and, as a result, our culture has shifted profoundly. I hope it continues. People who have been wounded, damaged or even destroyed should be able, in a civilised world, to speak up and seek recompense.


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